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Dairy Free EggNog with Vegan Options (Crazy Ingredient Challenge)

Dairy Free Eggnog with Vegan Options: When you or your guests need to go dairy free try this eggnog made with homemade rice and almond milk.

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Apple Pecan Brown Rice Salad – Crazy Ingredient Challenge

Today is October 20th so it is our monthly Crazy Ingredient Challenge recipe posting day. A group of bloggers choose two ingredients that may not normally be paired together, create a recipe and all post about it on the same day. This month we have Apples and Chives. Be sure to scroll to the bottom …

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Lemon Thyme Wild Rice

Here’s another one from Ma’am’s archives for you: Lemon Thyme Wild Rice. This simple side dish takes about 45 minutes to cook because of the wild rice, but that is almost all hands off time. It goes great with beef, chicken or fish. You might also like these posts Salmon and Potato Pancakes plus Tasty …

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Easy Black Beans and Rice

We have been in a food rut lately, especially side dishes. Rice (brown or white), potatoes (baked, fried, mashed) and pasta. YAWN! While converting the old recipes from the original site to the new format, I came across these Easy Black Beans and Rice. This can be made as a side dish as well as …

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Easy One Pot Dirty Rice, a Cajun Classic

Dirty Rice is a delicious, easy to make one pot meal of rice, ground pork and chicken livers cooked up with some Cajun spices.

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The Creamiest and Easiest Risotto

Risotto is one of those wonderful dishes that traditionally are a bit laborious to make but is worth it in the end. And everyone has an alternative method “guaranteed” to be easier and just as creamy. I have already blogged about two ways of making Risotto: the traditional way of making it on the stove: …

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An easy one dish meal that can be adjusted to your family’s tastes and cooks in about 30 minutes? Oh! count me in! I know I just posted Shrimp Creole last week, but as I mentioned in that post, we have loved Lousiana cuisine for a long time in my family. And even though the …

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Chicken Fricassee – Chicken Stewed in Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Some Chicken Fricassee recipes are fat laden chicken and gravy. This one is something entirely different, chicken breasts stewed in tomatoes and mushrooms. But that was the name on the recipe when I go it so I am sticking with it. We have been playing a lot of Super Mario in my house lately. Paper …

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Weeknight Meals

A college buddy recently asked on Facebook if her friends cooked dinner every night. Her husband is working some crazy hours lately and she is pretty much a single working mom on most nights.  She likes to serve healthy homemade meals to her kids, but she is getting a bit burned out. More than likely she …

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Cold Rice Salad

In 1999, my parents hosted a family reunion for the Lalanne and Vineys families. It was a bit bigger than our usual 4th of July party. And everyone had a blast getting to know each other. Some cousins hadn’t seen each other in decades, and to watch them scamper after each other you’d have thought they were …

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Jambalaya Balls with Gumbo Gravy

We have a guest post today from Clark H. Smith, my uncle, because it is now summer vacation for us here in the Humaciu household and I am in lazy mode. And more importantly, Uncle Clark is a far better writer (and cook, truth be told) than I can hope to be. So without further …

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Two Methods for Risotto

Until recently I have never made risotto. Heck, I’d never even tried it. Not because I didn’t think I’d like it, I’d just never had the opportunity or inclination. Then I got a free copy of Cook’s Country magazine and saw a recipe for Creamy Baked Risotto. You might also like these posts Apple Pecan …

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Busy as a bee!

I have been busy the last few weeks cooking, baking, making cheese and getting some new recipes typed up. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  When you buy the wrong kind of milk, make cheese! I never would have considered cheese making if it had not been for a conversation with my godfather, Barry. He …

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I’ll take Potpourri for 200, Alex

Star and Moon shaped pancakes

This weeks blog is a compilation of a few random thoughts that have come up lately, nothing really exciting enough to expand into a full blown blog entry on its own. 15 seconds of fame:  Like most food sections, our local paper has a column for readers to submit questions for recipes or tips from either …

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