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Homemade Granola as Easy as 1-2-3 (plus Tasty Tuesdays)

Homemade Granola is so easy to make and once you know the basic ratios you can custom make your own blends. Eat it with milk or use it to top yogurt or desserts.

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Cherry Nut Nuggets: Delicious Cookies Any Time of Year #FBLCookieExchange

Cherry Nut Nuggets: cream cheese cookies rolled in nuts and topped with a cherry. Like an ice cream sundae in a cookie.

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The Best Homemade Peanut Brittle You Will Ever Make (plus TastyTuesdays)

The Best Peanut Brittle Recipe you will ever make. Peanut brittle with plenty of air pockets to make it crunchy but not tooth damaging.

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10 Fabulous Seasoned Nut Recipes to Serve at Your Next Party (Tasty Tuesdays)

10 fabulous seasoned nut recipes to serve at your next party. Spicy seasoned nuts.

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Delicious (and Healthy) Amish Sugarless Cookies

It’s time to Fill the Cookie Jar with Autumn themed cookies. On the first Thursday of every month, the Fill the Cookie Jar bloggers bake cookies based on a theme and share them on our blogs. Be sure to scroll below the recipe to see what goodies everyone else made with our Autumn theme. I …

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Oh So Easy Chocolate Fudge and Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party

Some fudge recipes have a long list of ingredients or a complex cooking procedure that rely on achieving the perfect temperature in order to get it to set properly. That’s why I love this recipe. Not only does it taste delicious, it is so easy to make and cooks in just 5 minutes.   This …

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Cashew Mocha Bars – Crazy Ingredient Challenge

It is the 20th of the month so it is time for the Crazy Ingredient Challenge! A blogger version of Chopped, without anyone actually getting eliminated. We pick two ingredients every month and go our separate ways to create a dish with them – anything goes. This month we have cashews and coffee. Be sure to …

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Lighter Green Tomato Bread

Here’s a delicious use for those tomatoes that fall off the vine or are still green at the end of the growing season, in a revised healthier version of a recipe posted a few years ago: Lighter Green Tomato Bread. You might also like these posts #Choctoberfest 2016: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brea… Cheddar Beer Bread …

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Pesto Fries

I remember the first time I had Garlic Fries. I trudged all the way around Qualcomm Stadium asking everyone I saw with them where to find them. Then all the way back to my seat. But, oh my! was it worth it. It almost made up for the Chargers beating my Niners that day. Almost. But, …

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Holiday Cookie Mix and Toffee Bars

I wanted to make something for the teachers at J’s school, but my mother-in-law’s Kolatch seemed like too much work last night. That recipe is coming, I promise. Instead, I pulled out my Betty Crocker’s New Christmas Cookbook that I have had for a few decades and hunted for some quick and easy bars. Bingo! …

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Easy Cheese Danish

Those packaged cream cheese or fruity Danish pastries are one of my guilty pleasures, but they are a bit out of my price range. And they aren’t all that great for the waist line either, so they are a rare treat. The following recipe isn’t exactly healthy, but they can be made reduced fat and sugar. Plus …

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