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Gifts in a Jar: Healthy Red Velvet Bundt Cake for #Choctoberfest

Gifts in a Jar: Red Velvet Bundt Cake. Chocolate Cake made with beets and buttermilk topped with cream cheese glaze. No food coloring.

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Gifts in a Jar: Mocha Cupcakes for #Choctoberfest

Gifts in a Jar: Mocha Cupcakes. Homemade chocolate cake mix recipe made with coffee make delicious moist mocha cake.

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Gifts in A Jar: Chocolate Caramel Cookies for #Choctoberfest

Gifts in a Jar: Chocolate Caramel Cookies – two different chocolate cookie recipes from a jar of homemade cake mix. Cookie Mix in a Jar.  

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Gifts in a Jar Chocolate Cake Mix for #Choctoberfest

Deliciously Dark Chocolate Cake Mix in a Jar: dry chocolate cake mix packed in a quart mason jar perfect for gift giving. Printable recipe included.

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#Choctoberfest 2016: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread: a rich yeast bread loaded with intense chocolate flavor and studded with chocolate chips.

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Let Choctoberfest Begin! 20 Favorite Chocolate Recipes plus Giveaway

Choctoberfest 2016: 20 of our favorite Chocolate Recipes including cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream, donuts, brownies and more. Plus giveaway!

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