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Who Knew Homemade Bagels Were This Easy to Make? (TastyTuesdays)

Homemade Bagels are actually easy to make at home if you know a few tricks. Skip the food dye and color them with beets or spinach for festive fun.

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Gifts in a Jar: Healthy Red Velvet Bundt Cake for #Choctoberfest

Gifts in a Jar: Red Velvet Bundt Cake. Chocolate Cake made with beets and buttermilk topped with cream cheese glaze. No food coloring.

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Double Chocolate Muffins with Beets plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party

I wanted to make muffins for the family of a friend undergoing surgery. I thought they would be a great quick and easy breakfast for the kids (and husband) while she was laid up. Of course they had to be chocolate, so to add a bit more nutrition and moisture and color, I added …   …

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Smothered Greens

Confession time: I hated greens as a kid but I love them now. My Dad grew Swiss chard and I would do anything to avoid eating it. Now I like all kinds of greens: dandelion, collard, mustard, chard, beet and turnips. Especially when you cook them with bacon and onions. You might also like these …

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Pretty in Pink Pancakes are Healthy and Delicious Thanks to Beets

Beet Ricotta Pancakes provided healthy vegetables and protein, great for breakfast or dinner. Hidden vegetables. Pink Pancakes recipe Jessica Seinfeld.

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The 2014 Winter Olympics are upon us, and since they will be held in Soichi, Russia I thought it was time to pull out some Russian cuisine to get in the mood. Strawberries Romanoff might be delicious, but it is a little too cold in most of the country for that right now. Instead, I am …

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Watermelon Beet and Cucumber Salad

The tendril nearest my big watermelon was dry, so that means my watermelon was ready to pick. And there is another one that will be ready shortly. Before we all get sick of fresh watermelon I thought I should pop over to that colossal time sucker, Pinterest. And there I found a Beet Sandia Cucumber Salad in a Pura …

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Spicy Pickled Beets

I harvested all but the last two beets from my garden the other day and there were enough for a big jar of Spicy Pickled Beets for a birthday present for my sister, Mel (better known as my brother Michael’s better half!). I think she will like them considering Michael’s response when I posted the …

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