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Amazingly Easy Navy Bean and Ham Soup (Tasty Tuesdays)

Navy Bean and Ham Soup, simple yet delicious soup made with a leftover ham bone and dried beans. Perfect winter soup.

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Gifts in a Jar: Bean Dip plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party

Before we jump into this week’s Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party, I have another ridiculously quick and easy Gift in a Jar for you today: a zesty Bean Dip made with Pinto Bean Flour.   I stumbled on Bean Flour at a store recently with a recipe for Bean Dip on the back. Which of course, …

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Authentic Red Beans and Rice: 3 Ways to Prepare

New Orleans classic Red Beans and Rice recipe with three different cooking methods: stove top, pressure cooker and slow cooker. Great for Mardi Gras.

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Portuguese Beans with Linguisa

Here’s another family recipe. Well technically it is friends of family, but you don’t really care how I got it, do you? You just want to get on to the deliciousness. And make no mistake, these Portuguese Beans with Linguica are incredible. And pretty easy to make too. They are a spicy kin to American …

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Southwestern Black Bean Burgers

Loaded with spices and mushrooms for texture, could someone really think these Southwestern Black Bean Burgers are made with ground meat? Not for a minute. But they are absolutely delicious in their own right. I saw the recipe in the June issue of Cooking Light and immediately knew I had to make them. I learned awhile …

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10 Tomato Free Salsa Recipes

What do I have against tomatoes in salsa? Not a thing. I love a good tomato salsa, particularly Pico de Gallo in the summer time when tomatoes are at their peak! But, I also like other kinds of salsa. So, in honor of the pseudo-Mexican holiday next week, I thought it would be fun to …

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Meatless Main Courses

Are you following us on Facebook? You are missing out if you aren’t. The other day I asked for people’s best Vegetarian / Meatless / Lenten meals and I got some delicious responses. Too bad you missed them.  Just kidding. Of course I am going to share them with you here too. You might also …

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Ham Hocks and Black Eyed Peas in a Pressure Cooker

Ham Hocks and Black Eyed Peas with Cornbread are a family tradition on New Year’s Day. My brother and I were told (as Ma’am and her brothers were told and probably generations before were told) that you will earn a dollar in the coming year for every black eyed pea you eat on New Year’s Day. I …

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Chasen’s Chili and Cornbread

Chili can be a very controversial dish. Some people wouldn’t dream of putting beans in it, where as others will omit the meat entirely and make it vegetarian. Some want it scorching hot from the peppers put in, others prefer it mild. There are contests all over the place to determine the “best” chili. I am not going to …

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auld lang syne

As we count down the final days to the roller coaster ride that was 2010, I am preparing my resolutions for 2011 both for cooking and for the website. prepare vegetables with (or in) every dinner.  Yes, I know it should be every meal, but the way I have been lately this is shooting for the moon, …

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A Votre Santé

Regardless of the potential fraud or sensationalism perpetrated by the Discovery Networks, I am fairly confident I speak for most people when I say we should all be a little more conscious of what we eat and its effect on our health. The American Heart Association has a handy online tool called My Life Check to help you “learn the state of your heart and what you can do to live a better life”.

Let’s hear it for the boys

It is only fair that I write about the fantastic male cooks in my family since I wrote about the women last month. Besides my brother, Michael, we have many other men that love to cook. The one common thread that all of the following recipes have is awesome flavor combinations.

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