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Mini Quiches Can Be Customized to Please (Almost) Everyone

Mini Quiche are a quick and easy meal that can easily customized based on what you have on hand and each dinner can choose their own fillings. Weeknight dinner recipe. Meatless meal.

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Alcohol Free Cheese Fondue plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party

Here’s one of my favorite family friendly meals that can be made right at the table: Alcohol Free Cheese Fondue. Normally Cheese Fondue is made with a dry white wine, like a Chablis. You are definitely welcome to make it that way if you desire. But, this version tastes fabulous without the alcohol. I originally …

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Crepes for La Chandeleur (Crepe Day)

In case you still need some good luck this year, may I suggest making some Crepes on February 2 with a piece of gold in hand for La Chandeleur, aka Crepe Day, aka Candlemas. February 2nd is a celebration of the presentation of the child Jesus in the Christian faith. It is celebrated differently in …

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Sourdough Crepes plus Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party

I haven’t been that thrilled with some of the photography on my earlier posts, so I am doing some “Fall cleaning” and recreating recipes with better photos, such as these Sourdough Crepes. Depending on your perspective these are “tangy” crepes, or really thin sourdough pancakes. Either way they are a favorite in our house. We …

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French Onion Soup

With just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand you can quickly whip up this warm and hearty French Onion Soup to serve as a first course or even a main course. The idea came to me when I was cleaning out the freezer to get ready for the new appliances. I made a batch of …

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French Beignets: Easy No-Rise French Donuts

French Beignets recipe made without yeast. French fritters for Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday. No rise beignets.

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Basic Crepes

Crepes are one of those things that sound fancy and complicated but are actually pretty easy to make. So, when J asked me to make some the other day, I figured why not. Normally, I make them for breakfast and let him spread sweetened cream cheese and jelly on them, but this time I thought I’d …

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Chicken Liver Pate and Chicken Liver and Eggs

I don’t think there is an in between on liver, people either love it or loath it.  It might be the texture. It is from an animal so many people (like me) might subconsciously expect it to have a firm grain like the muscle does, but then it turns out to be mushy and pasty. And then there …

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