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Mele Kalikimaka

Wow! How did it get to be the week before Christmas already? Busy, busy, busy!  There were so many more recipes I wanted to post, cards I wanted to send, blogs I wanted to write, decorations I wanted to put up but I think my family, friends and I will be happier if I just slow …

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A Votre Santé

Regardless of the potential fraud or sensationalism perpetrated by the Discovery Networks, I am fairly confident I speak for most people when I say we should all be a little more conscious of what we eat and its effect on our health. The American Heart Association has a handy online tool called My Life Check to help you “learn the state of your heart and what you can do to live a better life”.

Let’s hear it for the boys

It is only fair that I write about the fantastic male cooks in my family since I wrote about the women last month. Besides my brother, Michael, we have many other men that love to cook. The one common thread that all of the following recipes have is awesome flavor combinations.

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She’s now gone meatless

Sharona: What is that supposed to mean? Monk: I thought it was some new hip-hop slang. “Hey, she’s now gone meatless!” Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan   People may decide to have meatless dinners for a variety of reasons: dietary, moral, religious or even monetary.  I admit to being less than creative on the whopping seven …

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