Smoked Salmon Spread or Dip

Smoked Salmon Spread for bagels or crackersSmoked Salmon Spread is one of those recipes like Portuguese Beans that both Ma’am and I swore was on the site, but when she went to look for it we realized we had both somehow missed posting it.

Maybe because we have both made it so many times we don’t even look at a recipe anymore. Or because it only has three ingredients that you simply mix together until it is the correct taste and consistency for however you plan to use it.

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Applewood Smoke Meatloaf – Gourmet Warehouse

Gourmet Warehouse Applewood Smoke Meatloaf - thatrecipe.comA few weeks ago the folks at Gourmet Warehouse contacted me to ask if I would be interested in trying a few of their products. I got a free spice rub and marinade, they get a few recipes, we both get free advertising from each other. Works for me!

And if you are wondering “would she still like the products even if they weren’t free?”, the answer is YOU BETCHA! I wouldn’t post this otherwise.

When I opened and sampled the Applewood Smoke Spice Rub I could think of all kinds of things to rub it on: chicken, steaks, ribs, etc. It is sweet and spicy! I knew I had some ground beef and pork in the freezer so my brain screamed: MEATLOAF! (my brain is pesky like that sometimes).

But, meatloaf is just a plain, boring, bland blob of meat, right? Not with this spice mix, and some bacon and a zesty glaze. Continue reading

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Melon Jam with Tarragon – Home Made Summer Giveaway

Melon Jam with TarragonMelon Jam? with Tarragon? What is Tarragon anyway? You can use it in more than Béarnaise sauce? Is the jam any good?

Yes. Yes. An herb. Yes. Yes.

I understand your confusion. Melon is not the first fruit that comes to mind for jam making to me either. Sure, I have made Watermelon Rind Preserves, but I never thought of making jam from the actual fruity part. Like the Watermelon Rind Preserves, I got the idea from a book.

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White Gazpacho – Home Made Summer GIVEAWAY

White Gazpacho from Home Made Summer - thatrecipe.comCreamy yet light, full flavored, healthy, no-cooking “made in a food processor (blender)” soup. This White Gazpacho may just be my new favorite dish of summer. And I think it photographs quite nicely too.

Plus, if you want to make this vegan and/or gluten-free, a few easy substitutions should do the trick.

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Portuguese Beans with Linguisa

Portuguese Beans with LinguisaHere’s another family recipe. Well technically it is friends of family, but you don’t really care how I got it, do you? You just want to get on to the deliciousness. And make no mistake, these Portuguese Beans with Linguisa are incredible. And pretty easy to make too. Continue reading

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My Best Gingerbread

My Best Gingerbread - thatrecipe.comChristmas in July? YEP! And with good reason.

My Goddaddy recently sent me an envelope stuffed full of treasures. Old letters written by family members and one handwritten recipe for “My Best Gingerbread”. I knew the handwriting immediately: Aunt Jeanne (his mom). I also knew that I had to make it right away. And by sheer coincidence I had picked up a jar of molasses from the clearance rack just that morning. Continue reading

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Cherry Blueberry Cookie Cups – Fill the Cookie Jar

Cherry Blueberry Cookie Cups - thatrecipe.comDo you like cookies? I LOVE cookies! I like to read about them, bake them and, of course, eat them! So you can imagine my giddiness when I found the Fill the Cookie Jar group. What is that you ask? A group of bloggers that dedicate one post a month to a cookie recipe based on a monthly theme. And then we all link them together.

This month the theme is “Patriotic Cookies”. I created these amazing Cherry Blueberry Cookie Cups, which I hope you will enjoy. But, I also hope you scroll down to the bottom of this post and check out all of the other great cookies. I know I will.

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Southwestern Black Bean Burgers

southwestern Black Bean and Mushroom BurgerLoaded with spices and mushrooms for texture, could someone really think these Southwestern Black Bean Burgers are made with ground meat?

Not for a minute. But they are absolutely delicious in their own right.

I saw the recipe in the June issue of Cooking Light and immediately knew I had to make them. I learned awhile ago that black beans are amazingly versatile. They can substitute for flour in the Black Bean Coconut Brownies or for ground beef in these burgers. And I love the extra boost of fiber they add to a recipe. Continue reading

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Lemon Marmalade Glazed Chicken with Tomato Cilantro Coulis

Lemon Marmalade Chicken with Tomato Cilantro CoulisThis quick and simple recipe is one of Chef Michael’s (aka Baby Brother) delicious creations. But, I was actually the first to make it and photograph it and blog about it, so I want some of the credit.

In between his (April) and his wife’s (June)birthdays I sent them a little care package with a jar of Homemade Lemon Marmalade, Red Hatch Chile infused Honey from Temecula Valley Honey Company and a 300 piece Duck Dynasty puzzle I found at Dollar Tree.

Aren’t I just the sweetest big sister ever?

Upon receiving the box, he promptly sent me a text message to let me know it had arrived safely… and to give me grief.

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Grilled Flatbread (Pita Breads)

pita bread on the grillSimple flat breads grilled over a direct flame have been around for thousands of years and can be claimed by a myriad of cultures.

So, I freely admit this Grilled Flatbread is not the most original recipe in the world. In fact it is downright basic. But who says basic is boring or a bad thing? Sometimes basic is just perfect. Continue reading

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