Grilled Leg of Lamb

Grilled Leg of Lamb - thatrecipe.comMy mother was never a big fan of lamb. But, when my parents took over the Easter dinner hosting duties, they came up with this Grilled Leg of Lamb recipe which she really enjoyed. It was really a great idea. Besides being delicious, it frees up the oven for the side dishes and desserts. Plus, my Dad did the grilling so it also split up the cooking duties. Continue reading

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Dirty Rice

Dirty Rice - thatrecipe.comI wanted something a little different on Mardi Gras, so instead of Jambalaya or Red Beans and Rice I opted for Dirty Rice. The recipe for this Cajun classic is based on one from Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen, reducing the fat a bit and omitting the chicken gizzards because no one in this house would touch the dish if they caught me adding those. Continue reading

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Root Beer Float Cookies

Root Beer Float Cookies - thatrecipe.comWhile rummaging around the discount rack at my grocery store I spied some McCormick Root Beer Concentrate for 89 cents. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I just couldn’t pass that up.

I grabbed two bottles, then promptly stuffed them in the cupboard with my other extracts and forgot about them for awhile. Then I saw two recipes in one week using it. Since it has been chilly and my freezer is overstuffed, the Root Beer Ice Cream will wait a bit. First up – Root Beer Float Cookies. Continue reading

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TVP Tacos

TVP Tacos - thatrecipe.comWhen I was typing up the Meatless Main Course suggestions a few weeks ago, I suddenly remembered one of my favorites from years ago. Eons ago, Amway used to offer an incredible meatless taco mix that only needed water added, in addition to your favorite taco toppings. TVP and the spice cabinet to the rescue. Continue reading

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Lavender Rosemary Sugar Scrub

Lavender Rosemary Sugar ScrubIf you like to garden, craft and/or cook or you just like to smell nice, you might want to throw together this Lavender Rosemary Sugar Scrub for your skin. I promise it is easy, and you can use any flower or herb from your garden (or your neighbor’s or the store).

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Artichokes with Zesty Sauce

artichoke - thatrecipe.comWho in their wildest imagination first thought to eat an artichoke? First of all it is a thistle flower bud with lots of prickly thorns all over it. To eat the petals you scrape the “flesh” off each one with your teeth, then finish it off by eating the “heart” portion in the middle. I am imaging some Ancient Roman tween daring his kid brother, “Hey, Augustus, I triple dog dare you to eat this…” And a culinary treat was born.

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Meatless Main Courses

Are you following us on Facebook? You are missing out if you aren’t. The other day I asked for people’s best Vegetarian / Meatless / Lenten meals and I got some delicious responses. Too bad you missed them.  Just kidding. Of course I am going to share them with you here too.

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The Creamiest and Easiest Risotto

Risotto traditional method

Risotto made in the traditional method – the gold standard.

Risotto is one of those wonderful dishes that traditionally are a bit laborious to make but is worth it in the end. And everyone has an alternative method “guaranteed” to be easier and just as creamy. I have already blogged about two ways of making Risotto:

  1. the traditional way of making it on the stove: toast the rice, then slowly add a small amount of liquid and mix it until it is absorbed, add more liquid and repeat.
  2. toasting on the stove then baking it in the oven as directed in Cooks Illustrated magazine.

Recently, I decided to try two more methods: in the pressure cooker and a stove top limited stir version from Cooking Light magazine. To keep it consistent I kept the ingredients the same as the first time, just rice, stock, onions and Parmesan, even though the recipes were a bit different. All four methods call for a little wine, which I omit and add more stock instead. I used turkey stock instead of chicken, so the color is slightly different than the first. Continue reading

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10 Pie Recipes Perfect for Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Yes, it is corny. My Math Professor husband hates it. But, I personally like pie, both sweet and savory. Graham cracker crust, puff pastry or flaky pie dough? Yup! I like them all.

Unfortunately for me, I gave up sweets for Lent and today is Friday so no meat. But, I went through both this site and my Pinterest Board and picked 5 Sweet and 5 Savory pie recipes that I will be trying soon. The only trouble will be choosing which to make first. Continue reading

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Baked Corned Beef

Baked Corned Beef Brisket - thatrecipe.comLast year I read about baking a corned beef brisket instead of the traditional method for boiling it, and I was intrigued. I picked up two on sale at the store yesterday and decided to try the baking method for dinner last night so I could be sure to get this blog written before St Patrick’s Day. The fact that I had no room in the fridge or freezer for two briskets might have had a little to do with my decision to cook it early. Continue reading

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